Is Yoga more than physical exercise? 

Is Yoga more than physical exercise ? Well hopefully it is for you. There are better ways to get a 6 pack .Your Yoga practice should give you wellbeing obviously but a hot bath can give it to you too.

There must be more then wellbeing or a good workout something more deep and lasting.

Like a taste of Samadhi , a sense of inner peace , of wander and connection with something bigger , that transcends the body mind .

Yoga is a science that can help you to step out of psychological time .

Maybe you don’t think it is time to step out of time.

My friends waiting is a state of uneasiness it is resistance against what is. 

What amazed the native Americans when there where in contact with westerners was there inability to be at ease and to always look like there where searching for something . 

When you stop waiting for a future moment , situation to fulfill you or a persons to complete you then the natural ease that was obscured will be revealed. 

For the mind this moment is never enough.

Like the famous Zen saying “no mind no problem ” witch also means in the state of no mind, there is no more waiting and psychological time disappears.

When you are not in the moment you have lost the kingdom of heaven .

When psychological time vanishes there is no more separate self, only the ecstasy of the universe revealing itself to itself. 

You didn’t get a touch of this in your freaking fitness yoga class , you felt more connected after dancing and screaming for an hour on some loud music. That ” every body got cool yoga pants class “, didn’t bring you in the Zone . 

Well you have robbed yourself from a greater experience, from the joy and aliveness of Yoga .

See you in the now !


Since I was a very young boy, I was imersed in oriental philosophy. My father arroused my curiosity for oriental arts by telling me Zen stories, practicing Yoga with me, teaching me various martial art technics and showing me the basics in meditiation. After a successfull carrier in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (wining the 2005 european championship + many internationals championships ) I steped into the Yoga path. Yoga has been the next natural step for me after the gathered experiences in martial arts and meditation. I have now the pleasure to share all these passions through teaching Yoga.