Hatha Yoga Lesson Lausanne.YOGA SHALA Rue de bourg 27 in Lausanne

In a first time, we explain what Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is an advanced method of physical education and personal development that harmonizes the development of psychological faculties (concentration, serenity) and body (strength and flexibility). It is a science that expresses an alchemic meeting of opposites. (The union of its right and left, body and spirit etc …).

How to practice Hatha Yoga?

To be in the best conditions, must preferably put suitable clothing that is soft clothes for wide movements and exercise before meals ,.

How is a Hatha Yoga?

A Hatha Yoga Asana has a court said postures practices based on precise anatomical alignments, Breathing Exercises, Meditation and relaxation.

They are the property of the practice of Hatha Yoga?

It is a celebration “yes to life” with goods made on the body and the spirit immediate:

Stress drop
Gain in flexibility and muscle strength
better concentration
better breathing
A feeling of fullness and happiness.
A yoga yard is “fun, challenging, and Spiritually uplifting.”

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Since I was a very young boy, I was imersed in oriental philosophy. My father arroused my curiosity for oriental arts by telling me Zen stories, practicing Yoga with me, teaching me various martial art technics and showing me the basics in meditiation. After a successfull carrier in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (wining the 2005 european championship + many internationals championships ) I steped into the Yoga path. Yoga has been the next natural step for me after the gathered experiences in martial arts and meditation. I have now the pleasure to share all these passions through teaching Yoga.