Teacher trainings

Teacher trainings are for the ones who feel the call to teach or who simply want to deepen there understanding and practice in all the different dimensions of yoga !

The invisible yoga teacher training is a journey with the many aspects of yoga incorporating: anatomy philosophy, yoga asanas, pranayama meditation and self inquiry .

One does not become enlightened by imagining light, but by making the darkness conscious.


Since I was a very young boy, I was imersed in oriental philosophy. My father arroused my curiosity for oriental arts by telling me Zen stories, practicing Yoga with me, teaching me various martial art technics and showing me the basics in meditiation. After a successfull carrier in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (wining the 2005 european championship + many internationals championships ) I steped into the Yoga path. Yoga has been the next natural step for me after the gathered experiences in martial arts and meditation. I have now the pleasure to share all these passions through teaching Yoga.